History and Nature

Permeated of History and surrounded by nature, where the water sets  the course of the time. Quinta Ponte da Capinha is the ideal place to people who enjoy returning to origins.

The farm is located in the margin of the Meimoa´s riverbank next to the Capinha´s bridge. A bridge over Meimoa´s riverbank, with a roman medieval origin, rebuilt in 1692.

The roman origin of this bridge could be related with the roman occupation.Some stories narrate the passage of Talabo, Talabara´s founder, which, according to some authors, was located, precisely, in the margins of the Meimoa´s riverbank.

This roman structure bridge is integrated in the roman road which connected Mérida, Monsanto and Idanha-a-Velha(Egitânia). Nowadays, it´s possible to find some remains in the exit of São Marcos.

A green weekend